CRMO BiCT is an increasingly solid reality in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical sectors, as well as in animal and plant nutrition. The offer focuses on the development of industrial processes and products for the production of pre and probiotics, peptides, hydrolysates, and secondary metabolites. The BiCT offer is able to satisfy even the most structured requirements because we use modern robotic production systems.

CRMO BiCT, quality at your service
Quality, customer satisfaction and safety are at the top of our goals. All the activities that are included in our services are carried out and designed by professional researchers, carried out mainly by sophisticated robotic units that are able not only to optimize costs, but above all to ensure the safety of the result that is practically free from human error.

This type of approach, in fact, guarantees a higher standard of performance both in the execution of protocols and in the safety of operators, reducing, as you can imagine, the risk of accidents at work.

Our services and quality
Our services range from the development of industrial bio-processes that are above all competitive and sustainable, thus ensuring a low environmental impact in production processes.

We develop analytical methods and essays. We can obtain and optimize entire purification processes and part of them using different technologies according to the needs of the moment.

As far as feasibility studies are concerned, CRMO BiCT works on the different phases to evaluate the feasibility of the project in order to develop the product. Each feasibility phase of the process itself is carefully followed by our experienced Project Manager.

Finally, an industrialization team has the task of verifying that the final product conforms to the required quality and standard, but not only that, it also ensures that it has an optimal price.