Heterologous expression is an increasingly applied process in industry. The bacterial expression system is one of the most used resources also and above all because it is a resource with a low economic impact. The vector of expression is fundamental in such processes, which is why it is important for companies that need to develop such processes to turn to laboratories with great experience and who know and adopt the latest technologies.

Heterologous expression in yeast
Yeast is currently also an industrially relevant heterologous expression system. Bict laboratories can perform the feasibility of processes in various hosts and if the feasibility is confirmed, proceed with the improvement of strain expression. We possess not only the necessary knowledge, but also the latest technology and robotic production processes.

Bict develops enterological expression in fungi
A further system of enterological expression are the filamentous fungi, which find numerous industrial applications for the production of enzymes. Bict is developing an expression system based on the microorganism Aspergillus, which in a short time will be absolutely essential for the production of a wide category of enzymes.

Of course we can also work with a bacterial expression system of Escherichia coli, one of the most used and economical resources.

Our approach is oriented towards customer satisfaction, the achievement of the production goal and, of course, the health of the consumer, for this reason we have a quality system that covers all services and our risk analysis technique and procedures are of high standard.

The quality of Bict products is therefore guaranteed by the controlled environment, as well as control over the entire production process. We meet the needs of the customer, but without ever losing sight of the safety of the end user of a given product. In addition, we guarantee the reproducibility of our processes.

Careful selection of raw materials and stability studies enrich our offer.