People working in the nutraceutical, veterinary or cosmetics industries may need to outsource their research and development processes to third parties in order to obtain a high level service with clear timescales, goals and costs, and an added value of originality. Therefore, it is important to identify a laboratory capable of guaranteeing not only products of excellent quality, but also production processes with short lead times, combined with the ability to propose original and innovative solutions. Relying on professionals can therefore be decisive for a company, increasing its competitiveness in its reference market. But how do you choose the right laboratory?

Research and development, the choice of laboratory is important

The first thing to consider when choosing a research and development laboratory is certainly its reliability and professionality. Many offers are available on the market, but not all of them will be able to meet everyone’s needs. That’s why it is necessary to pay a lot of attention when deciding to rely on a laboratory specialized in research and development.
In case you opt for an online research, it is necessary to verify the credentials of the laboratory, carefully checking on the website the services it offers.
Preference may only fall on the team that offers the expected services, with short time and interesting prices, and with a strong motivation to transform the research into a concrete and sustainable product on the market.
The ideal is therefore to combine quality, timing and costs.

Bict laboratories

Bict has decades of experience in the development of industrial bioprocesses. Our strength is our competitiveness, as we use automation for high-process screening.
Our services range from molecular biology to fermentation, from heterologous expression to the purification and immobilization of biomolecules. In addition, we offer both feasibility and optimization and scale-up studies.
The team works in a quality and professional perspective, in order to guarantee the customer an excellent product at low costs. And above all, we believe in applied research and in proposing an ethical and sustainable way of doing business, so as to bring innovation and improve everyday life with the products developed.