Obtaining a certain product today involves the ability to respect two very important parameters: quality and speed. In order to stay in balance between these two pressing factors of competition of companies, advanced production technologies must be used. One must therefore be able to develop and optimize entire processes or at least the most critical and essential parts of them.

Production technologies
Among the main production technologies that allow to obtain products of excellent quality, we find dead end filtration, an ultrafiltration process, and cross flow or cross flow filtration. The first mode, the dead-end, is a cartridge-like filtration process in which there is only one feed flow and one filtrate as the output flow.

With this type of filtration there is a feed liquid recovery percentage of between 95-98%, limited to a feed flow that has a low value of suspended solids. Tangential filtration, instead, has a recovery percentage that varies from 90 to 95%.

Process automation is fundamental
There are several screening protocols that are based on the automation of technologies and therefore also impact on production processes. Nowadays, fortunately, it is also possible to manage the different operational phases with the help of robots. This has many advantages because the results obtained are reliable and precise.

But not only that, thanks to new technologies such as those just described, the time and costs of screening, for example, are significantly reduced. This innovative approach allows companies using Bict services to be highly competitive.

Markets, after all, are becoming increasingly so, and to compete with the best you need to be not only the best, but also the fastest. Innovation at the service of companies today is the best opportunity to turn your ideas into reality.