Foods for special medical purposes (FSMP) are foods for specific groups under Regulation (EU) 609/2013, supplemented from February 2019 by Regulation (EU) 2016/128. These special foods, therefore, must meet certain requirements to be included in this category. The Ministry of Health has reported as a distinctive requirement of an FSMP the ability to meet, entirely or in part, the particular nutritional needs imposed by a disease, disorder or medical condition, as well as the resulting malnutrition, or otherwise to facilitate dietary treatment. For the production of this type of food, it is therefore necessary to strictly comply with the regulations, resulting necessary to rely on a microbiological analysis laboratory able to guarantee the maximum quality of the product.

Laboratory for microbiological analysis, development and marketing of FMSP

The Ministry of Health set out a guideline for the correct classification of AFMS, with the latest revision in November 2018. To be proposed and classified accordingly, foods for special medical purposes must therefore meet specific requirements, and be produced and marketed according to certain procedures and standards. From the label to the composition, from the modalities of usage to their development, everything must pass through certain procedures and respect specific parameters. Because these are special-purpose foods, their processes must be developed carefully and meticulously.

The production process, the reason why the microbiological analysis laboratory is fundamental

Regarding the production of such products, it is essential to ensure their safety. It is therefore important to assess the quality standards set by the company and to ensure that the necessary controls are in place and in compliance with the requirements of the process.
Equally important is the risk assessment. It is therefore necessary to verify the cleanliness of the lines, the microbiological and chemical risk. The choice of the laboratory that will be responsible for the development of these processes is therefore crucial.
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