Modern biotechnology has long been widely used in many industries. This is possible because the basic material on which they are based, i.e. cells or enzymes, is very versatile. They are therefore used in the pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, food and many other industries. From red biotechnology to green biotechnology, the field of application is increasingly wide.

Biotechnology, uses in agriculture
The uses of biotechnology in agriculture are varied, from the synthesis of biofertilizers and biopesticides to the use for the production of better quality plants. Moreover, the use of bio technologies allows to optimize agricultural production processes with a significantly lower environmental impact and much lower costs.

Uses of biotechnology in medicine and pharmaceuticals
Biotechnology has literally opened up new frontiers in this area, just think of gene therapy. But that’s not all. For example, we engineer yeasts that are used in the production processes of vaccines and anticancer drugs without having to use the cold chain that is usually indispensable for this type of drugs. In this way, for example, vaccines can be used more safely in disadvantaged countries where it is not possible to use the cold chain.

Production of enzymes
The production of enzymes is, to all intents and purposes, considered the leading sector of white biotechnology, the turnover of companies working in this field is the highest.

Of course, the best way to exploit these technologies is to request certain services from laboratories that can guarantee development and processes that have competitive costs but without sacrificing the guarantee of a quality product.

Bict can offer such guarantees because it uses a robotized production system for its processes, thus reducing the possibility of human error, which is practically zero, and responding to the most diverse customer needs.