According to some recent research, the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche is the leader in research and development. Roche does not need much advice when it comes to investments and in 2013 alone it spent 10 billion dollars. Novartis, on the other hand, invested around 500 million more in 2012/2013 than in previous years. In short, big pharma, if it comes to research & development, does not skimp on the budget.

Research and development, the pharmaceutical sector believes in innovation and research
The analysis laboratories know perfectly well that the sector that is likely to give them the most work is the pharmaceutical sector. This is because, of all the other sectors, the pharmaceutical sector is the one that invests the most in research and development. In Italy, growth has been 5 times higher than the global average.

But why does this sector work so well? It would be extremely simplistic to answer by saying that research for the treatment of diseases or their prevention is increasingly important in our country. It is true that reality does not differ much from this statement.

Research has made considerable progress, and our young people invest years of study and then reach a level of expertise that will lead them to make interesting discoveries, as has in fact happened.

Technological innovations and hard work
Obviously, a great boost was also given by the many technological innovations that made it much easier for researchers. All-round innovation therefore seems to be the key word.

In particular, patents, which are on the increase and cover all areas, are very much in evidence. Another area that has proved its worth is that of vaccinations. Today there is the possibility of using increasingly effective and safe vaccines, and this is a sector in which the pharmaceutical industry has invested a great deal, and where it has also obtained an excellent return on investment.